Monday, March 10, 2014

No time to read the novel? Spritz up.

You recently bought your favorite novel, but damn these work hours and tiredness, you can't even read a word. To top that, your novel is a 500 page thriller that you know you simply can't put down. What do you do? Get an e-book and read in whatever spare time you have? No.
Thanks to developers at Spritz, you can now read an 85000 word novel in around seventy nine minutes. No, I am not joking around.

Spritz believes that there exists an "optimal recognition point" within each word, that allows us to identify it. It also believes that most of the time is spent in searching for the next optimal recognition point, or ORP as we may call it, on the page. They designed the text to align the ORP directly with the eye, which is featured in red. The user has to just read the word that pops up.

The popping speed is user-definable. They have released some images to illustrate this phenomena.
 250 words-per-minute
350 words-per-minute
500 words-per-minute

After three years of development, Spritz is now in beta in the Android platform. They plan to expand to iOS shortly afterwards. There isn't any ETA. But we all are waiting hard to download this and finish an average sized novel in under an hour. 


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