Monday, February 10, 2014

Eternity, you.

Have you even wondered why do people die, when someone close to you just passed away? Or perhaps wished, that he/she would come back. Well, it's against the laws of physics and nature, naturally, but our heart doesn't simply agree, does it? We long for our lost ones.
Fortunately for you know, a team of developers from the MIT Entrepreneurship Development Program have come up with a solution. And no, it isn't like any other psychological treatment that many overly attached people might have been told to undergo. In fact, it is quite simple. You can talk to the person who left you.

Unbelievable, you might say. Might as well be he present here. He's present on your screen, and if that's not enough, I don't know what is. Just wait and watch.

This site,, was launched with an aim to bring back the dead, if not literally. It uses the database that you created during your lifetime, and uses, to quote the site, "complex artificial intelligence algorithms" to generate a virtual presence. The virtual you can talk, laugh, cry, et cetera, and even advise the ones he/she is talking to.

As of now, there aren't any explanations. But then, the world of Artificial Intelligence has always been subjected to miracles. And this is nowhere away from being one. The site uses your online activities, your Facebook messages, your tweets, and everything pertaining to your character available online.

Within 24 hours of being launched, the site reached 36000 views and received 1300 email registrations. The feature is still being developed and perfected. Any interested parties can enter their email address here. 


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